Populist Principles

What is Populism?

Populism is the political creed which draws its beliefs from the 'will of the people'. 

Populists form policies from a background of support for family, community, and country. 

Those who struggle against all the odds deserve our support - the housewife making ends meet on a pittance; the shopkeeper threatened by supermarkets and department stores, and those who save lives such as fireman, police officers and Doctors. They are the real heroes- often unsung and underpaid- but more worthy than the 'celebrities' and 'high flyers' who become the false idols revered by the media.

Populism is well illustrated by the films of Frank Capra and the books of George Orwell. The 'small man' standing up to the big forces in society- bureaucrats, big business or the surveillance state.


 Freedom and Liberty

Our freedom is under threat. Our remedies....

End the "cancel culture", "de-platforming" and silencing of controversial figures by big tech media. We believe that  there should be opportunity to hear all opinions from many  outlets/sources.

Reject the "Woke" cult concepts of "white privilege", "reparations", "affirmative action" and "institutional racism" as divisive and extremist.    

Oppose compulsory sex education in schools. Make lessons opt-in, rather than opt-out, and subject to parental control. 

Oppose "vaccination passports". No to compulsion by stealth.

Break up media monopolies to ensure wider spread of ownership and opinions and decentralise power from the few to the many. 

Legislate that no one can be dismissed from their job for their political views.

A recognition that one person's rights can infringe upon someone else's.

Fighting Corruption. 

This country is riddled with it!  Here's our solution. 

Legislate that public representatives should have no shares in or ties to businesses during their time in office 

Political parties should be funded by their members, not Unions or business, to ensure fairness in elections. 

Scrap electronic voting/counting and postal ballots., as they are open to vote rigging. Return to the choice of voting in person or by proxy. 

Issues of personal conscience and the constitution should always be decided by referendum before passing into law.

The barring of lobby groups and vested interests from political decision-making.

Opposing a return to the corrupt EU. But not on xenophobic grounds as WE believe that the EU is run by a supra-national elite - the ordinary German had no more say than the ordinary Briton during our membership.

 Jobs, not state credit. 

We'll aim for full employment. 

Sucessive Governments have allowed mergers that lead to job losses and concentration of power and ownership. 
We wish to see a nation where the masses have a greater share of the power and ownership than at present. 

This can be achieved if we use anti-monopoly laws to break down the barriers to new businesses.  

Job security is a big issue for many. Automation is replacing workers with robots. 

Where we once had people working as shop assistants, bank clerks, petrol pump attendants etc we now see self-service. 
When big business introduces automation we lose because more automation = fewer people in work = more people on welfare = higher taxes on those still in work.

So, we need rewards for businesses that do employ people rather than using automation to make employing people the cheaper option.

We do not wish for a situation where most people are dependent upon state credit which can be used by the State to control the masses through threats to remove it. 


Populist Platform – Aims and Objectives

1. Populists are opposed to the rampant uncontrolled free market. We oppose materialism , commercialisation and excessive sponsorship. Consumerism has an adverse affect upon societies and their environments. Materialist ideology is promoted by the U.S.A. Populists oppose Americanisation. We disbelieve that there is a "Special Relationship" with the U.S these days...

2. Populists are therefore anti-globalisation . We oppose the European Union, which aims to create a euro-state with one government and one economy for all on the continent. Similarly we oppose moves to create supranational states in all other continents. We oppose the power of organisations such as the World Trade Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and major multinational corporations.

3. Populists support self-determination for all peoples. Populists support the preservation of nations, cultures, peoples and species. Populists support "Food, Water and Energy Sovereignty" -- this is the ability to provide these essentials, rather than being critically dependent upon outside sources, which can be cut off at any time. These utilities must be nationally owned.

4. Populists support Neutrality . A policy of non-alignment is the best way to avoid unnecessary wars. Populists oppose attempts to police the world and convert nations into "Western Liberal Democracies". These missions are doomed to failure and we believe the so-called "war on terrorism" would not have started if the Americans had not interfered in the Middle East.

5. Populists support protectionism . Proper sovereignty means a nation state keeping its own currency, trading with whom it chooses, controlling imports and exports where necessary – only goods which cannot be grown or produced here should be exempt from import tax upon cheap labour economies. For fair pay and job security people must be encouraged to buy the goods they produce and the products must be affordable. A system which protects national industries from unfair competition and phases out multinationals and other overseas ownership of the economy is the way to achieve this.

6. Populists support Money Reform and oppose the international finance model of economy and private usury (money lending). Banks present a friendly facade whilst crippling small businesses. Populists prefer a National Investment Bank to ensure that money is ploughed into national economies rather than being "lost" to foreign competitors. We oppose treaties that aim for unregulated free movement of capital, goods, services and labour.

7. Populists support localism . We wish to see a small-scale economy where the tax system works to break down department stores and supermarkets into smaller units and breaks up monopolies in retail distribution. We support co-operatives, the self employed and the small shop.

8. Populists oppose free movement of peoples across borders without proper border controls and we therefore support strict limits on immigration . The mass movement of capital and people undermines wages and threatens jobs of those already living in developed countries, with the result of erosion of the countryside as new homes are built to accommodate a growing population and multicultural issues which affect cohesion of existing communities.

9. Populists support Public Provision . Great strides were made in the 20th century to create a welfare system to protect ordinary folk from hardship. The welfare state can be comprehensive, as in Scandinavian states, or a safety net as in many other nations, but it must be fair and it should not act as a disincentive to work. We support a National Health Service and oppose charges for prescriptions.

10. Populists believe in full employment. Unemployment is a waste of talent and resources. It leads to alienation, lethargy and crime. It is impossible to plan for the future without a job or regular income. Full employment leads to greater purchasing power and lower welfare costs. Our Protectionist policy will lead to full employment.

11. Populists support the idea of Producerism . We believe that those who provide society with something of lasting value and do real jobs who live off the fruits of their own labour, rather than those who live off others, should be rewarded by a change to the tax system to redress the balance in favour of those who produce and against “agents” and “middlemen” who live comfortably off the hard work of others.

12. Populists believe in Direct Democracy – a Swiss style Referendum system. Populists believe that all representatives should have no other income or rewards beyond the wage they receive as a member of parliament. Political parties should be funded by individuals, not businesses or trade unions.

Populist Party

Made by the people, for the people

The "bread and butter" issues..

  • Introduce a thorough investigation into VIP child abuse with no stone left unturned as well as tough action against grooming gangs.
  • Support fair treatment of veterans and pensioners. 
  • Uphold the right to self-defence; to use whatever force necessary to protect themselves, their family and property.
  • Provide unbiased and local education for pupils in state schools.
  • Introduce tough policing, not Woke policing.  Punishments should fit crimes, with no-one above the law. 

A Fair Economy..

  • Break up the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks; separate regular banking from investment banking
  • Use a Financial Transaction Tax to free the economy from the grip of speculation.  Think differently about usury; move away from the debtor economy.
  • Judge pensions as a separate untaxed income from wages. We believe tax on pensions is in effect "double taxation" on income that was previously taxed when earned at work. 
  • An economy where you can leave a job on the Friday and start a new one the Monday after. A workers' market where companies compete for the best workers by offering pay and conditions, training and opportunities. 


An independent nation..

  • By leaving NATO and becoming a neutral nation like Switzerland.       Avoidance of overseas conflicts; especially in the Middle East. 

  • By having nationally owned utilities and never again allowing overseas ownership of essential services. 

  • The right to self-determination and national democracy for all nation states. 

  • No more interventionism, no more anti-Eastern European foreign policy. 

  • An end to dual nationality. No to dual loyalty. 

  • Oppose globalism and further Americanisation of our culture, economics and society. 

Restrict immigration..

  • Turn off the free flowing tap of immigration from cheap labour nations 

  • Stop bosses from importing immigrants from low wage nations in order to drive down local workers' wages. 

  • All immigrants would have to be sponsored by the company that employs them (health, housing and education costs) and proven to be required.

    Shift the blame for immigration from the immigrants themselves to the "mainstream" politicians who seek new voters and the greed of business. 

  • There should only ever be immigration from nations that match our national average wage. No more from "underdeveloped/developing" nations.

  • No more people would be allowed to settle here than the number that emigrated the previous year (to prevent over-population).

  • Prevent corporates creating a race to the bottom in wages and conditions  that pits worker against worker. 

Registered Address

Please email populistparty@yahoo.co.uk for our postal address. 

£5 membership - cheques and postal orders accepted. 

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